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Courses Taught

Economics of Digitalization and IT, (Spring 2022)

Introduction to Microeconomics, (Spring 2022, Fall 2021)

Empirical Methods (Econometrics), (Spring 2017) 
Mathematical Economics, (Fall 2016, Spring 2016)
Intermediate Macroeconomics, (Fall 2015, Summer 2015, Spring 2015, Fall 2014)

Teaching Assistant

Analytics Lab (MBA course at MIT Sloan), as a mentor (Fall 2022, Fall 2021, Fall 2019)

Money and Banking, (Spring 2014)
Econometrics (Graduate level), (Fall 2013)
Mathematical Economics (Graduate level), (Fall 2013)

A Selection of Student Comments

"Jeff was always very enthusiastic while teaching, and I think that made people pay more attention to his points and
conclusions. Additionally, I liked how all major ideas were draw out on the board and then explained through diagrams. It made it easier to understand the material."

"Great enthusiasm for the subject, strong desire to teach was present in every lecture. Really encouraged talking and
answering questions. Xiupeng was by far my favorite instructor of this semester."

"He tried really hard to get us to participate in class which I thought was good. He also was very energetic and passionate
about economics so it was easy to pay attention to him; I never really felt too bored to focus which I sometimes feel in my
classes where the professor just lectures us for an hour. Overall he made the course as interactive as possible which I
think enhanced the classes ability to succeed."

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