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Research Interests

Economics of Information, Information Systems, IT and Labor Market, Industrial Organization


"Labor Market Polarization in Britain and Germany: A Cross-national Comparison Using Longitudinal Household Data"  (Labour Economics Volume 65, August 2020)

Working Papers

"Human Capital Acquisition in Response to Data Breaches" (R&R at MISQ) with Sarah Bana, Erik Brynjolfsson, Wang Jin, and Sebastian Steffen. SSRN

Media Appearance:  Technology Academics Policy

Presentations: CIST 2020, Stanford 2020, WISE 2021, ASSA 2022, WEIS 2022

"Information Technology, Firm Size, and Industrial Concentration" with Erik Brynjolfsson and Wang Jin.

NBER Working Paper  SSRN

Media Appearance: ProMarket at the University of Chicago

Presentations: ASSA 2020, Stanford 2021, Boston University 2022, IIOC 2022, CIST 2022, NBER Productivity 2022

"Power Law Distribution of Firm Sizes and the Information Technology" with Erik Brynjolfsson and Wang Jin

"Union Wage and Job Loss: A Cross-national Comparison" SSRN.

"A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Job Displacement" with Kenneth Couch (Draft Available Upon Request)

Work in Progress

“Using Massive Online Experiments to Develop New Measures Of Non-Market Production:
Implications For GDP”
with Erik Brynjolfsson.

Presentation: CODE 2022 (Poster Slam Slides)

“Understanding Human Needs to Develop Human-Centered AI Benchmarks for Household
 with Erik Brynjolfsson, Feifei Li, Jiajun Wu, and Ruohan Zhang

"The Value of Data and the Rise of Cloud" with Erik Brynjolfsson, Wang Jin, J. Frank Li, and Georgios Petropoulos

“Foreign IT Workers and Firms’ Investment in IT” with Wang Jin and Che-wei Liu

"How Do High Skilled Immigrants Affect the Domestic Labor Market" with Richard Freeman

Research Experience

Research Assistant for Shaun M. Dougherty, University of Connecticut             

         2017 - 2018

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